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MW Floats are manufacturers of original hand made commercial fishery pole floats, which have been designed to perform rather than simply look pretty. 

We developed most of today's popular patterns that anglers across the country are using day in, day out - which have been copied by large commercial companies, but never to the same standards of finish or strength. 
All bodies are turned IN-HOUSE by Mick Wilkinson himselfMW Floats DO NOT, and will never, buy in pre-formed bodies unlike some of the other "handmade float manufacturers".

Two new body materials have become available and following externsive testing, I will be changing patterns over to these where appropriate.
These materials are head and shoulders above anything on the market previously and are a quantam leap forward for both strength and bouyancy.

UHP - Ultra High Performance is a material which is perfect for patterns where finesse but extra strength is required. This material has approx 3X the strength of normal balsa wood but is approx 15% more bouyant than soft grade balsa. First used by MW Floats in 2006!


UTP - Ultra Tough Performance is perfect for carp floats where extreme body strength is required but is 20% more bouyant than the material I used previously for these floats. Because of the strength and bouyancy of this material many patterns that previously needed spring eyes can now have traditional side eyes, greatly improving presentation but without any real comprimise in strength.


I have over the summer been looking at improving the eye system on the "Pro Power" range to make the floats neater on the strike and improve the presentation when holding the rig still in a tow or wind. Testing is now complete and the new eye fitting will be on all these floats from now on.

By bonding the stem, tip, eye and body together a much neater float with immense strength has been created, these will be available before the end of August in time for munter season.
After 6 months of testing, the AR is finally out, for up in the water or across in shallow water, used by some of the countries best anglers to win many matches.
Mick Wilkinson


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